Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Works In Progress...

OK, no progress tonight, but this is where I got to last night.

First up, Blood Angels Marine Sergeant, the red is pretty much done, apart from the top of the helmet, which is way too dark.

Next up, High Elf Champion, silver metalwork done, and the blue dragon wings on the helm are nearly done, just in need of a top highlight.  I'll be using the same blue colour on the forearms and part of the breastplate.  Next to do is the gold metalwork (filigree?).

Off to the GW store for lunch tomorrow, so these two chaps should have some extra paint added to them...


  1. What a weird but fascinating hobby. I love seeing these pictures in my feed every day :-)

  2. Hah! I'm glad I can help... :P

    Miniature painting is as creative as ET mapping, but much more therapeutic - plus there's a lot less brain-dead whine on the internet.

    Although my stuff is still too dark apparently...