Friday, 20 April 2012


There seems to be something of a trend amongst us sad old bloggers that we need to declare we're going to Salute, display a picture so other bloggers will recognise us and then list the things we're really excited about.  I'm fully embracing the herd mentality and doing my bit.  :)

Here is the obligatory mugshot:

This is my happy face

Yes, my glasses are wonky.  Now you've all come out from behind your desk chair/sofa, here's my list of things that are getting me excited:
  • GCT Studios/Bushido - I'm going to get the rest of the Prefecture models to complete my warband.  The rest of the Ancible team have known these chaps for ages, so we'll probably be there for a while.
  • Hasslefree - Barbarians and loads of other cool stuff, definite purchases from here
  • Heresy - As for Hasslefree
  • Maxmini - Polish resin stuff that's good for conversions, hopefully the Kromlech stuff will be there too
  • Microart - As for Maxmini
  • Privateer - Warmachine stuff, probably some Hordes stuff too

Let's face it I'm going to be excited about a lot of stuff, I'll be roaming the halls with the rest of the Ancible team, trying to keep a lid on my spending and failing miserably.  I need to fill this:

...and all my pockets.


  1. My what a happy face!!! Great to meet you at the show!!

  2. I'm rarely that happy. :-P Good to see you too sir, shame it was at the end!

  3. Mighty big bag to fill, sure you did it though.

    1. Definitely - new post soonish on my acquisitions and a few thoughts on Salute 2012