Saturday, 10 September 2011

Colours 2011

As I mentioned yesterday, I attended Colours 2011 today at Newbury race course with some of the Ancible team.  Loads and loads of good stuff around and got to meet some really cool people.  This was my small haul of loot from the show (I could have bought so much more...):

Not the best of pictures, so a brief run down:
There was a lot of other stuff I could have bought too - both Warlord Games and Perry Miniatures have so much to tempt me, but I already have too much to paint...


  1. Nice one Andy – look forward to seeing the results. I really like those grass tufts too, wish I'd picked some up myself from Salute earlier in the year.

  2. Lucky git going to colours, getting your own painting cave, even so, malifaux gang means we have a game coming up I think????

  3. I've not been the the show for a few years now, we used to go each year when it was held at the Octagon, the grass tufts are excellent, I bout some at Salute, trouble is they still in the packet.

  4. DT - Cheers mate! It might be a while, as I have loads still to do to the room, but I'm aiming to start painting miniatures again next weekend. :)

    I was really taken with the grass tufts - I know Army Painter do them too, but in much smaller packets and more expensive (as far as I could tell) - these were £4.25 each at the show.

    LB - Sounds like a damn fine idea to me, not sure when it will happen, as I really want to go to town on these guys (and girl...and mutant thing...). I'm going to start getting some scenery together at some point too.

    Ray - this was my first non-GW event, and I thoroughly enjoyed it (the company helped I have to say) - it's not as crazed as GW Games Day (which was bat-sh*t mental to be honest, especially at the Forge World stand), and everyone is a lot more considerate.

    The one area that Games Day does win at is the quality of the painting, and John Blanche was there...

    I'm going to make sure I get to Salute next year.

  5. Now the day out to Salute is a totally different kettle of fish. Fighting with london Underground is allways fun.