Tuesday, 2 August 2011


The wife and I attended WOMAD (World of Music and Dance) again this year, saw some fantastic acts, particularly Ayarkhaan, AnDa Union (Music to paint miniatures by I reckon), Lau and Booker T Jones (legend!) and ate some fantastic food.  I'm now knackered and looking forward to a quiet weekend.  Unsurprisingly no painting got done (living out of a tent would make it difficult), but some of the costumes were good painting inspiration!

A little progress has been made on the Rackham miniature I started a while back - the face needs some work, but I'm very pleased with the leather around his midriff, and a really simple scheme too:
  • Base coat:  Calthan Brown
  • Shade:  Devlan Mud (surprised?)
  • First highlight: Calthan Brown
  • Second highlight: Snakebite Leather blended in

The buckles were outlined with a targeted wash of Devlan Mud and then highlighted with Chainmail. The blue was also something different, with a base coat of several thinned coats of Necron Abyss highlighted with a mix of Necron Abyss and increasing amounts of Hormagaunt Purple added in.

I'll be adding to him in and around my other projects - but he's such a delicate and interesting model that he really needs some dedicated time and effort spent on him.  So don't expect him finished any time soon!  I went for a grey undercoat for this model as I wanted to experiment with some different methods for different colours - I really think the leather work has benefited from a different approach.  I'll admit I get very stuck in my ways and tend not to experiment too much with colours - this is going to change from now on, so while I will go back to some colour schemes I know work, I will be branching out a bit more.

In other news, the article work is ongoing - the photography element really does slow things up from a painting perspective, but it does mean I'm concentrating that much harder on getting things to look right at very close up.  The Reaper miniatures from the last post will be undercoated tomorrow (hopefully), and should be started (and maybe completed?) this weekend.

The football season starts this Saturday, so I'll have something else to distract me!


  1. You put a lot of effort into your miniatures and it shows, couldn't do it myself as a unit would never get done and I've got hundreds of British, Germans and Russians looking up at me with accusing eyes.

  2. Cheers mate! It's meant I've had to pretty much give up on any real plans for WFB army, and move to more "warband" sized games and armies. WH40K is do-able, but even then a 500 point army takes a long time.