Sunday, 1 May 2011

Next in the Painting Station...

Making the most of the long weekend we're having in Britain (oh, and I actually enjoyed the Royal Wedding, much to my own surprise), I've started two new projects:

Pedro Kantor
It was about time I got the one special character specific to the Crimson Fists, and it was also about time I used one of the resin base additions I got with the Warhammer 40K basing kit.  Pedro is a nice miniature and I'm looking forward to painting him - loads of detail, and plenty of armour to get some nice blending in.

The resin base additions are a bit dull to be honest.  Some of the smaller bits are nice, with different helmets and weapons on them, but the 25mm and 40mm "base caps" (I can think of no better name for them at the moment), really don't have a lot going on.  They're not bad, just not great.  I could redo the base, but I want to see how good they look painted up, so we're sticking with it.

Circle Orboros Stone Keeper
On a recent visit to London, I popped into Orc's Nest, and had a browse for a miniature to treat myself with.  Having been bitten by the Privateer Press bug with my Khador box set, I thought I'd try something from Hordes, and this miniature jumped out at me:

I have no idea what he does (other than the little blurb on the PP website), but he's proving to be fun to paint, and I used him to try out a little basing idea I had:

Using the WH40K basing kit again, I found a few "slate" pieces with a flat(ish) end, and stuck them down to look like little standing stones around the miniature.  I've also bought myself some Woodland Scenics "foliage" to glue in amongst the stones to look like moss type flora. 

Both models have been undercoated, and I'm around 60% done with the Stone Keeper, I'll have some pictures of him for the next post.

As always, comments and criticism welcome!


  1. basing on the keeper looks awesome, it really works well.

  2. Excellent! I started following your blog for your CFs and I can't wait to see how Pedro turns out!

  3. Yeh I wasn't overly impressed with the 40k basing kit either, though the tubs are quite useful.

    Looking forward to seeing the Stone Keeper! I really like the Privateer and Wyrd style of bases with the rounded edges – allows a bit more space to work with and gives a very polished finish to the model (as well as allowing the model to be picked up without wrecking the base scenics).

  4. GreyCleric - that's some serious motivation to crack on with him now, thank you! I'll try and make some progress and get a WIP shot tonight

    DT - It's a shame as the smaller companies are making some great resin bases and GW don't seem to be even trying to do something to compete for some reason.

    The Stone Keeper is finished, and he's turned out great, hopefully have some pictures tomorrow. The base has turned out better than expected, so I'm really chuffed.