Thursday, 31 December 2009

Forgeworld + Blanchitsu + Inspiration from Alex = New Guard army?

Oh bugger...

Christmas has come and gone, and Mrs Brevik got me the rather lovely Forgeworld Model Masterclass book:  linky.

Add this to the Blanchitsu article I talked about previously, plus some inspiration from a friend t'other side of the pond and I'm now tempted by some "Imperial Guardiness".

Currently I have one Sentinel (mint, still in box...) won in the last local painting competition, one "inherited" Chimera, that needs to be stripped and "bitzed", plus 10 old metal Catachans, 5 Vostroyans (one painted so far, see below) and 5 snap fit Cadians (one painted, picture to follow).  A good start I think - although I'll probably need the codex at some point.

I reckon this might work...

I also ought to add that my dear lady got me all (yep, all!) the new Legion of the Damned miniatures, and a Land Speeder Storm.

My wife officially rocks.

The Land Speeder will be the start of a Revilers Chapter army, working on a completely different force make up than the Crimson Fists I have.

Painting wise, I've been applying some Blanchitsu-style (Me obsessed much?  Probably...) to some Empire Greatswords.  I've also battle damaged a Lamenters Space Marine sergeant (which I'm really happy with) and I've been trying to paint Lysander in a Crimson Fists scheme.

As always, pictures to follow at some point...

Happy New Year all!

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