Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Better (?) pictures of the Nurgle Space marines

As promised here are some better pictures of my Golden Demon entries:

If anyone actually reads this, please let me know what you think...


  1. My, my...those are some mighty fine pictures of your miniatures. Wonder who took those? ;)

    You know what I think of your miniatures...! :D

  2. Nice miniatures.....we need some ranting though, surely Swindon council can rouse some anger from you? :-)

  3. Those minitures look amazing, i remember trying my hand at this years ago and finding it very very difficult to achieve results even half as good as you have. Cant honestly see that there is any difference in quality between yours and the winners personally. Golden Demon awards have been going for aeons so i dont see any reason why you wont win it at some point.

    I think you should create a gargolye and have it perch on the roof of the fuel dump... ah wrong type of game :)))

  4. @Christie: Yeah yeah, you took the pics ;)

    @Matt: Don't get me started on the council - that may be the subject of a post later on...

    @BYB: Cheers mate, I'm going to have to find a gargoyle miniature from somewhere, and maybe give it an MP40...

    @Nick: Easy this blogging lark, isn't it? :P

  5. What do I think?
    1. Damn... you're a better painter than I.
    2. Those are top-notch work, but don't "sell" the model quite enough to win.
    3. You've picked up a new Follower in me. I'd swung by here a couple times when something caught my eye on FTW, but had missed this and that brilliant Lamenter. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you put out.
    4. John Blanche's paint style is just phenom... I'm a fan too.